2004 TRIP
Rocheport to St. Charles

On October 5, 2004, my brother Sophus and I got on our bikes at the Katy train terminal in Rocheport, Missouri and headed East along a path that MKT passenger trains once took. Four days later, after overnight stops at Jefferson City, Hermann, and Augusta, we arrived at the terminal in St. Charles, Missouri. This section of the trail follows the Missouri River, often only a few feet away. It runs through thick woods and open farm lands, and at times hugs steep bluffs. This was our first Rails-to-Trails bike trip - it hooked us, and we have been doing them every year since (written in 2013). The first photo-link on the left is to the gallery of pictures taken during this trip - from Rocheport to St. Charles.

2005 TRIP
Clinton to Rocheport

On October 10, 2005, I started a new bike trip to see the western part of the trail - from Clinton to Rocheport and back again. It was a five day trip covering 194 miles. The caboose link on the left opens the photo gallery of this section of the trail. For any of you trying to decide if this section is worthwhile biking - it is.

2006 TRIP
Clinton to St. Charles

On October 10, 2006, just as a huge cold front moved across the U.S. and arrived in Clinton, Sophus and I started out on a wet morning to bike the entire Katy Trail - from Clinton to St. Charles, a 244 mile trip. Photos from the previous two trips show the entire trail, but here are a few more that highlight our 2006 trip. Click on the two trees to see this collection. It is truly a beautiful trail, from one end to the other!