The Katy Trail

Clinton to Rocheport

Scenes along the way.

Trail Trail head in Clinton, Missouri. The South-West end of the Katy Trail

Trail Tunnel of trees. A relief from wind and sun.

Trail One of many beautiful scenes along the way.

Trail The Katy Trail has many rest stops such as this.

Trail The caboose in Windsor, decorated by the MKT to celebrate the U.S.A. bicentennial and now restored.

Trail An old telegraph pole, wires hanging down that no longer buzz with Morse code about train arrivals and departures.

Trail High Point: the highest elevation on the Katy Trail. Good description of the prairie restoration efforts.

Trail Many rest stops have maps, historical facts about the location, and other useful information for the biker. Great job by the Missouri State Parks.

Trail One of the 32 bridges between Clinton and Rocheport.

Trail The Sedalia Terminal. A great place with museum and gift shop. Spent the night here at the old Boswell Hotel - itself a museum of sorts with pictures of Harry Truman, an old speak-easy, and great rooms.

Trail A vivid reminder that you are biking an old railbed.

Trail A beautiful approach to another one of the 32 bridges.

Trail An old rusty signal - another reminder of the Katy Railroad.

Trail A deep railway cut through rock.

Trail Simply another great scene along the way.

Trail Bridge across I70 - nice to be able to cross this busy interstate on a bridge dedicated to bikes.

Trail Boonville trail head and restored terminal.

Trail Crossing the Missouri River on a dedicated bike lane. Hurray for the Missouri State Park system.

Trail Remnant of the round house at Franklin.

Trail High bluffs on the North side of the Missouri as you appoach Rocheport.

Trail Entering Rocheport from the West.